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The pattern of my life is like a crazy quilt, with various patches of interests and endeavors forming a unique whole:


  • One set of patches falls into writings: dissertation, literary criticism, essays, children’s book reviews, short stories, poetry, plus lyrics and dialog for a musical play


  • A second set of patches falls into musical experience: singing in small and large choral groups, including musicals and operas; composing songs for a musical play


  • Another set of patches falls into a foreign language group: studying, translating, and singing languagesincluding Italian, German, French, Latin, and Ancient Greekboth domestically and abroad


  • A final set of patches includes financial matters: management of a financial planning company and of a proofreading group at a financial management company


These patches are stitched together by the spidery or vine-like growth of my life as I travel between Baltimore, Maryland, and Berkeley, California. The work, Baltimore Crazy Quilt: An Opera-esque Musical, is currently in the forefront of my artistic creation.  Details on this appliquéd patch, as well as the other underlying patches, are provided in the drop-down menus on this site.

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