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The pattern of my life is somewhat like a crazy quilt, with patches of interests and endeavors forming a unique whole:

  • One set of patches falls into writings: a dissertation, literary criticism, essays, children’s book reviews, short stories, poetry, plus lyrics and dialog for a musical play


  • A second set of patches falls into musical experience: singing in small and large choral groups (including musicals and operas) and composing songs for a musical play

  • Another set of patches falls into a foreign language group: studying, translating, and singing languages (including Italian, German, French, Latin, and Ancient Greek) both domestically and abroad

  • A final set of patches includes financial matters: management of a financial planning company and of a proofreading group in a financial management company


The drop-down menus on this site provide details of other patches (projects).

The quilt patch above is from a larger quilt never assembled by Mrs. Hiram D. Musselman (circa 1880 In Baltimore, MD). All the pieces of the quilt are displayed in the Maryland Center for History and Culture. Please follow this link to their website for more information.

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