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Musical Performances

Baltimore Crazy Quilt: An Opera-esque Musical  © 2010 Carol E.R. Collins

All lyrics, music, and arrangements © 1996-2010, 2012 Carol E.R. Collins

All rights reserved

Baltimore Crazy Quilt:
An Opera-esque Musical  
Selections from Scenes 5 & 6
presented by Goat Hall Productions
as part of
"Incarnate" Fresh Voices XV
Festival of New Works
July 10-11, 2015
Community Music Center
San Francisco, California
Jill Wagoner, soprano
Raiña Parks, soprano
Meghan Dibble, mezzo-soprano
Mark Alburger, tenor
Frank Johnson, piano
Keith Adams, arranger

This is the logo for the musical, which reflects the patchwork that is our crazy world.

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